Monday, 7 January 2013

Elephanta Caves

The face of Nataraja (a dancing form of Lord Shiva) in the main cave of the Elephanta complex. Photo by Sivaraj, 2007.

Learn more: Elephanta Caves are in Maharashtra, India close to Mumbai. Elephanta Caves

Guardian Elephanta cave. adjacent to the great cave. Mumbai, India. Photo by Elroy Serrao, 2008.

Gangadhara Elephanta Cave. Mumbai, India. Photo by Andy Hay, 2005.

Pillars on the western porch in Elephanta caves. Most of the pillars have been restored extensively with concrete and roughened to look like stone. Photo by D. Sivaraj, 2007.
Elephanta Cave Pillars.

Trimurti Elephanta Caves, Mumbai, India. Photo by Ricardo Martins, 2008.

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